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Don't let someone pull the wool over your eyes... Wear the original.
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  • 100% NATURAL: Pure sheeps wool of highest quality felted in Tirol
    mountain water, with no chemicals added.

  • TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP: With experience dating back to
    1888, our distinctive and anatomically contoured footwear is uniquely
    created in this long tradition of craftsmanship.

  • THE PERFECT FIT: Your feet will be wonderfully comfortable in the felt
    clogs. You are in harmony with nature.

  • GENUINE: All Stegmann felt clogs feature the original "S" braiding, so
    you know they are genuine. The original from the inventor of the natural felt clog.

  • UNADULTERATED NATURE: The Stegmann felt clog is made from
    pure natural materials. Sheeps wool, cork and natural latex enfold your
    feet in the most natural ways. Breathable uppers provide warmth in the
    winter and cool comfort in the summer. The anatomically correct
    contoured footbed absorbs shock and supports the foot.

Stegmann supports American workers. All Stegmann clogs are assembled in an American factory here in the USA and support the American workers. 

Original Woolfelt Clog

• Cork Sole
• 100% Pure Wool Felt
• Recommended By Healthcare Professionals
• Shock Absorbing
• Slip Resistance

Woolfelt Clog

Woolflex Clog

• Polyurethane Sole
• Flexible
• Bi-Density
• Shock Absorbing
• Slip Resistance

Woolflex Clog


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